EP #01 Hammer Trader — SEC Filings, Volume Forecasting and Due Diligence ( @hammer_trader)

Unlike any other stock trading podcast you’ll hear online, this series is not catered towards beginners, and we are exploring a very specific niche in stock trading.

This is a series of interviews with seasoned day traders who have found themselves trading inside one of the stock markets most volatile and shrouded niches. These are traders that for the most part, primarily short stocks, they place large bets on low float, micro to small-cap stocks that are usually upside down fundamentally, have run maybe 2,3,4,500% percent in the past; sometimes in a single day. These are traders that have managed to break through the gauntlet that is discretionary day trading, they’ve become profitable, and have emerged on the other side triumphant, with a strangled pig or two under their boot.
And to clarify, no animals were hurt in the making of this podcast, instead I’m referring to what the community has affectionately named Piggies. Stocks that are low float, micro to small-cap, usually under $10, upside down fundamentally, and have a history of getting pumped and dumped by bad actors.
Let’s lift the veil and begin exploring this niche.

EP #01 – Conversation with @Hammer_Trader
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Today, I’m interviewing Hammer Trader, a day trader from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Which is pretty close to where I live in Toronto. I first stumbled across Hammer on Twitter, and saw that he was posting educational material on YouTube. 
But what really caught my interest was when he began posting about his style of fundamental analysis. Showing viewers how to sift through the maze that is SEC corporate filings. In here lies one of the most under-explored and under-valued topics by novice traders, fundamental analysis. 
In this interview, we learn more about Hammer Trader, why and how he uses this analysis and how this helps him make better decisions in the volatile small to micro-cap world of day trading.

Resources from the Episode

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