EP #4: Smash the Bid — Options, Large Caps and Building Generational Wealth (@smashthebid)

Hosted by Del the Trader @DeltheTrader

Today we’re interviewing @Smashthebid from Smash has been investing and trading since 1998.

What I find so interesting about his journey is how he transitioned from trading low float small cap stocks like the rest of us, into using options to scale his strategies into both day trades and longer term swing trades.

As you’ll hear in the next hour, Smash’s focus and entrepreneurial spirit have led him into a position where he’s executing his strategies every day, reducing his overall costs in the market, maximizing his gains and building that generational wealth.

Currently, Smash runs a trading room along side @JTraderCo, our guest from Episode #2. Together they split trading between large cap and small cap stocks.

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