EP #5: Stan Gluzman — Prop Trading, Emotional Control and Microstructure (@CiocanaTrader)

Hosted by Del the Trader @DeltheTrader
Today I’m interviewing Stan Gluzman, a successful prop trader from Seven Points Capital, also known as @CiocanaTrader on Twitter.
Stan trades small to micro cap stocks, but also trades larger cap names. He has been described to me as a “beast” of a trader, likely because of the size he trades and his conviction on the trade. Stan is very candid about his day trading, sharing his execution charts daily on twitter, and also contributing to Trader Takeaways, a Seven Points Capital YouTube video journal where he recaps his trades of the day in detail.

In this interview you’ll hear Stan’s journey into stock trading via the world of prop trading. Mentored by Mike Katz, and backed by the power of Seven Points Capital — Stan aggressively attacks the market using size and a variety of advanced technical day trading strategies.

Resources and Mentions from the Episode

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